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Perhaps your readers could help me here...

I was born in king street in1947,I now live in Cornwall and I was chatting to a Cornish man recently and mentioned the very many pubs in and around Watford Town Centre I couldn’t remember all the names so perhaps your readers could help me here. I do so like reading about growing up in Watford and surrounding areas.

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  • My nan used to own The Horns opposite the library, I have fond memories of spending time in the pub and living above it when my mum and dad used to help out, I was born at the kings Street maternity hospital in 1967 and met so many famous people that came in for a drink at the pub, they were either preforming at the town hall or Baileys as it was at the time. My grandad was at the time he was alive the president of the watford swimming club at the swimming pool, I spent many a time at the peace memorial when it had a A &E dept as a child due to be probably the most accident prone child in watford, I would love to hear any stories that anyone had of The Horns.

    By Lisa Gillingham (19/10/2020)
  • Hi Ralph,

    Do you by any chance have any recollection of the Sturgess and/or Perry families?

    Michael Sturgess married Yvonne Perry and lived in Harris Road, Garston in the 60s – 1973 when he was killed at work.

    The Perry family lived in Watford; Yvonne’s parents Albert and Dorothy. Albert I believe worked for Benskins and they lived down Gladstone Road.

    Michael’s mother also lived in Watford briefly around the time of his birth (1941); she lived in Fuller Road in 1939 and Devon Road 1941. Her name was Ruby Sturgess and she was a 40 something year old originally from Luton.

    If you feel you may have any connection to these families I can offer more information but I don’t want to bombard with babble if you never knew them!

    Thank you,


    By Lisa Smith (16/05/2018)
  • Hi. I lived in Watford & Garston. From 1939, to 1985. & can clearly recall the breweries that were in Watford during my time there. (So many) there were three of us
    Ralph. Stewart. & Phillip ( Fisher) both of my brothers now live in Canada. I live in Essex. If anybody would like to pick my brains please get in touch.
    I would just say that I was not all that clear regarding breweries. There were in fact four breweries. But loads & loads of pubs.
    Ralph Fisher

    By Ralph Fisher (16/05/2017)

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