Alex Buxton: An Obituary

A remarkable man from a remarkable family

Greg Steene

It is with deep sadness and regret that I learn of the passing of Alex Buxton. He worked for my family for over 25 years. He was both an an employee and faithful family friend. My dad, Alex Steene, was with Alex for his last couple of fights and then he came to work in the family business in the West End of London.

My dad ran a ticket broker and corporate hospitality business and Alex was a consultant dealing with customers and brokering deals. In addition Alex was our dear personal friend. When I was a child he took me to Pinewood Studios on the set of Moll Flanders and introduced me to the actors and I was even given a period hat from the costume department.

A gentleman in every sense of the word

Alex was a gentleman in every sense of the word. A non drinker or smoker. He was the perfect role model for me as I was growing up. Always kind and never a bully in any situation. Alex became part of our family and part of our lives. In any significant family event Alex was there with us. Christmas, holidays etc.

When Ron and Reg Kray were looking after former world Heavyweight Champion Joe Louis in Manchester they were told to leave the city by the police. My dad Alex Steene and dear Alex Buxton were given the jobs of looking after the iconic ex-champion by the twins. Joe really liked Alex because they both had the same unassuming manner.

Fully supported

When I grew up and took over the family business Alex fully supported me and never ever took exception to carrying out a duty I wanted him to perform. When I became a professional Boxing promoter Alex was there to support me. He took out 2 BBB of C professional licenses that of Ring Whip and International agent.

He performed those tasks admirably on all my early promotions. He had a nice kind way about him and everybody he came into contact with respected him.

Funny stories

There were lots of funny stories over the years. Despite having driven all over the south east of England most of his adult life he kept getting lost and like most men wouldnt ask directions.

On Saturday 23rd March 1985 I promoted a boxing show at the Lyceum Ballroom in the strand featuring Dennis Andries who was British and World Light Heavyweight Champion, whom I managed, against Belgian Light Heavyweight Champion Jose Seys. I had given Alex the task of being their Agent and looking after them here in the UK. They were staying at a nice hotel in Morden South London. On the day of the weigh in the Belgian boxer was over an hour late for the weigh in at the Henry Cooper pub in the Old |Kent Road. Alex had gone the wrong way in the car and the belgians were spitting feathers as they weighed in. We couldn’t help see the funny side although it was serious too.

In my office Alex and another former champion who worked for me, Bruce Wells, former 6 times ABA Champion, former combined services champion and former European Games Gold Medalist and world Amateur champion formed a great comedy double act. They teased each other and played around to the constant merriment of everybody in the office. Alex always even when playing though kept a certain admirable dignity.

Honoured guest

Alex was an honoured guest at my wedding, my 40th birthday party, my children’s christening. I loved that man, we all did. It was such a sad day when Alex had to go into nursing care. I kept him on full pay on the payroll until he could no longer look after himself. He is on almost every family picture of my children and I growing up. He is forever in my heart and my thoughts.

I well remember Laurie Buxton too. His voice was so posh he sounded like a Duke. I also well remember Allan frequently speaking with him and remember him coming to our office.

I am delighted to see that Allan was able to go to Antigua. I remember it was also dear Alex’s wish to retrace the steps of his father too. He was very proud of his Antigua ancestry. He was also proud of his name Alex Laurell Buxton. There is a statue of a man in parliament with that name also.

When Alex was young he had the most wonderful physique. He modelled for Epstein the sculptor who created the figure outside the adelphi hotel in Liverpool. The torso is an exact copy of Alex’s torso at that time.

A remarkable man from a remarkable family

All in all a remarkable man from a remarkable family. It has been good to write these things down about Alex. A man I admired respected and loved. Alex you will always have a place in my heart.

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  • I came across this lovely obituary after looking at old clips of Alex fighting in the 50,s.
    I worked with him on the door of the Cafe Des Artistes Redcliffe gdns 1976.
    A gent and a great mentor for us 3 young guys. We learned a lot from him.
    GREG, Alex brought me in to see you and your Dad at Obtainables,Panton street,with a view to working with you. I decided to return to Glasgow but wont forget the great man Alex Buxton

    By John McDonald (14/06/2022)
  • Alex was a huge part of my decidedly complex life…One of the most important parts…I’ve read Greg ‘ s obituary for the man who liked to call himself my dad,many times and it never fails to raise a smile or to make me cry. As much as I respect everyone’s feelings as regards my ‘mother’, I really wish someone might have considered mine. I will love and miss him always .

    By debbie Bennett (as was) (30/08/2015)

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