My first school in Watford -'Watford Fields'

Watford Fields school from 1940

By Arthur Hall

I started at Watford Fields School late 1940.

I can at this moment remember only four names of my Teachers. The Headmaster was a Mr Coleman, my Teacher was a Miss Clark, and the Music Teachers were 2 Miss Horns, both were Sisters, 1 Senior & 1 Junior. They were responsible for the daily morning prayers, and hymns prior to starting lessons.

Because of World War II, our lessons were frequently interrupted by ‘Air Raid Sirens’ which came from ‘Benskins Big Bertha’ siren, we then had to take cover under the wooden shelters erected in the ‘Main Hall’ until the all clear sounded. ‘Big Bertha’ was a steam siren attached to a chimney in ‘Benskins’ and would give intermittent blasts when there was an air raid, similar to that of a ships siren, and a long lasting blast when it was all clear.

I can remember our coach driving through floods which would occur between Croxley railway carriage sheds, and under the railway bridge in Wiggenhall Road. This footpath was eventually raised for the benefit of pedestrians. Also, that Terry Thomas, who at that time went to Watford Grammar School lived at Watford Fields.

Our happy times were when ‘Ceresales’ the ice cream man would arrive once a week in a horse drawn ice cream float, to sell ice cream, from a tub encased with crushed ice. I believe the ice cream float may have been Italian, as it had a fancy canopy supported by 4 gold twisted shape poles.

Happy Memories of Watford Fields.

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  • Like a few others I have just found this website. What memories, even though mine predate the second world war having been to Watford Fields and then a short time at Victoria I was taken out to Australia in 1939 and never saw my home town again for 28 years. Now living in Devon but have to have an annual visit to the old town in spite of many missing landmarks. Keep the stories coming in !!

    By Eddie Aldridge (28/01/2014)

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