Ganders Ash Leavesden.

I lived in Ganders Ash from the age of 3, nearly 62 now, went to Alban wood school & i too remember miss Muggiridge & playing on the grass at the front of

My family lived in Ganders Ash & we went to Alban wood school & Leavesden green school too. I remember miss Butler our music teacher who would give you a poke with her batton, one day my brother who was younger than me was waitting for the lesson to finish, we were in the assembly hall which had glass windows, miss Butler grabbed hold of him by the ear & dragged him in because he had waved to me, i disliked her even more after that. Mr Burdon was head master & mr James one of our teachers who was always swigging out of an old brown medicine bottle, often wondered what he had in there, and mr Belcher who had a beautiful old car. Great days,when summer holidays went on forever. Before the Sherwood estate was built there was an old plastic’s factory on that site, and Fleggs the tiny paper shop on the high road where i did an early morning paper round before school, they also had one petrol pump outside. There was also a very small shop across the road on the corner of Chapel close which 2 old ladies ran. I went on a school trip to Swanage in 1967/68, Mr Dutton was one of the teachers that went with us, we stayed in a guest house called Ivy Glen, does anyone else remember going on that trip. Would be great to hear from you. Lynn.

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  • Hi i was born in ganders ash 1959 , went to alban wood school, leavesden green and Francis Combe, loved living there, moved out in1979 when i got married, my parents stayed there all there married life.

    By Eileen (16/03/2024)
  • I moved to ganders ash in 1958 thats 4 years before the hammer in hand was built in 1962 the original hammer was on the corner of hunters lane and the high road i was told by someone who lived long before me the street was called ganders ash because there was a small pud called the gander and three ash trees at the high road end there wore two shops ether side of the original leavesden green school on the other side of the road and thread down the high road the headmarster at leavesden green was mr berden, the headmistress at albon wood was miss berry there was a shop at the on the corner of the high road and horse shoe lane called reaces then it became a hair dresser called kelly j’s,old forge close was originally name was langley lane i can show on the map i have !.

    By john ashford (13/07/2023)

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