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I was born in king street in1947,I now live in Cornwall and I was chatting to a Cornish man recently and mentioned the very many pubs in and around Watford Town Centre I couldn’t remember all the names so perhaps your readers could help me here. I do so like reading about growing up in Watford and surrounding areas.

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  • Hi Ralph,

    Do you by any chance have any recollection of the Sturgess and/or Perry families?

    Michael Sturgess married Yvonne Perry and lived in Harris Road, Garston in the 60s – 1973 when he was killed at work.

    The Perry family lived in Watford; Yvonne’s parents Albert and Dorothy. Albert I believe worked for Benskins and they lived down Gladstone Road.

    Michael’s mother also lived in Watford briefly around the time of his birth (1941); she lived in Fuller Road in 1939 and Devon Road 1941. Her name was Ruby Sturgess and she was a 40 something year old originally from Luton.

    If you feel you may have any connection to these families I can offer more information but I don’t want to bombard with babble if you never knew them!

    Thank you,


    By Lisa Smith (16/05/2018)
  • Hi. I lived in Watford & Garston. From 1939, to 1985. & can clearly recall the breweries that were in Watford during my time there. (So many) there were three of us
    Ralph. Stewart. & Phillip ( Fisher) both of my brothers now live in Canada. I live in Essex. If anybody would like to pick my brains please get in touch.
    I would just say that I was not all that clear regarding breweries. There were in fact four breweries. But loads & loads of pubs.
    Ralph Fisher

    By Ralph Fisher (16/05/2017)

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