Wearing only a Fairy Liquid apron

By Anonymous

“I know that face,” I said, coming up to the rear of a very thin, very tall guy, who was apparently wearing only a thong! As I came level with him I noted his front was covered by a plastic apron emblazoned with the Fairy Liquid logo.

You remember the tune: ‘For hands that do dishes that feel as soft as your face, mild green fairy liquid.’

“Outrageous,” my first thought. “Outstandingly brave,” my second. An outfit suitable (pun) only for the day, that day, London’s Euro Pride 2006. We paraded together, my partner and I, signature pink triangle umbrellas arching over his bean pole figure.

The practicalities of his costume or lack of it started to quiz my mind. Did he travel on public transport to get here? Did he have any spare clothes? Where did he keep money?

And I was still convinced I had met him before.

A few pleasantries informed me he had indeed a travel card about his person but no money, having naturally assumed, dressed as he was,  that others would oblige his need for refreshment!

He had journeyed from Hertfordshire. “Really,” said I, “which part?”  ”Watford” was his reply, “likewise” said I.  Intrigued I continued my enquiries as he and we were called from left and right to pause and pose for photo call after photo call. He received rapturous applause, whistles, and cheers. Meanwhile my nosiness, continued. “Where do you work?” “Asda.”

Asda. Of course, Asda (yes that’s an advert). The penny dropped; he was one of the ‘check out’ staff, whose queue I had stood in. Of course his face and his shaved head was what I knew but usually with a green emblazoned fleece. Not an apron even though it is of a similar hue of green!

We laughed at our link, I was even more proud to have walked next to a son or should I say cherub or even putti of Watford – not in Hornets red and gold but in his working and Fairy Liquid green!  

His colleagues and co-workers, well aware of his intentions, eagerly awaiting photographic proof. A few weeks later I chose my checkout carefully and handed over said evidence to his glees of delight.

Whilst he is ‘out’ at work, I suspect his colleagues and customers do not realise just how famous a fairy he actually is. Well let’s proclaim it here, the fact is ‘The Fairy Liquid Guy’ is becoming as famous as London Pride itself. His attire has been captured many a year and posted on many Pride websites.

Pride 2009.  We met again, no longer a resident of Watford but still in Fairy Liquid attire. Proud to be the green fairy of Watford, His name Steve.   

February 2010, Pleased and Proud to know he has a claim to frame in Watford’s LGBT history.        

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