A Special Lady Friend

By Mary B

When I was born in January 1949 my mother, father and I shared a house with a mother and her daughter Joan who was a similar age to my parents. They were both lovely people and made a great fuss of me.

A lot of the first part of Joan’s story I don’t remember as I was too young, but my mother told me.

Joan was very attractive, black wavy hair, lovely eyes and teeth she couldn’t have asked for more in the looks department.

She got to the age of make up and clothes and was always in the bathroom experimenting with her make up. She always wore high heeled shoes and chose lovely clothes. Then something happened. Her mother kept asking why she wasn’t going out on dates (which were always coming her way) there were tears and her lovely hair all fell out. I’m sure my mother and her mother didn’t understand what was going on, but you know, don’t you?

We moved away to our own house but always kept in touch with Joan and her mother.

My sexual knowledge wasn’t very great and I just accepted Joan didn’t have any men friends but she did have a special lady friend.

One day I was at Kew Gardens, the other side of London from Watford, and I heard Joan’s voice. I turned round and there she was, older but still good looking with a woman dressed very much like a man. When she saw me there was a look of horror, her friend rushed off and we had a very awkward conversation. Everything fell into place for me then. There was no need for embarrassment I would have liked to have met her friend.

Joan is 86 now, we exchange letters at Christmas. She is well. I don’t like to ask about her friend which seems so stupid.

You know I don’t think my Mum ever understood Joan as things like that weren’t talked about.

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