Selected from the Comments Book in John Lewis

‘Absolutely stunning. A brilliant idea for an exhibition. Hope John Lewis will do something similar again.’ (Jacqui Williams, 2/10/06)

‘Lovely exhibition and I like the way it’s exhibited amongst regular customers – Beautiful & creative & informative’ (Marisa Picardi, 5/10/06, West Ealing)

‘Artwork beautifully executed with strong conceptual messages conveyed clearly. Venue of exhibition innovative – definitely think “out of the box”. More of the same please’ (Martina Wade, 5/10/06, Watford)

‘Artwork beautifully stitched, ironed on, lots of hard effort put into the pillows. Very interesting.’ (Mrs E. Amparbeng, 5/10/06, London)

‘Stunning work by all artists. What an excellent idea’ (Lyn Prodger, 10/10/06, WD18 OAE)

‘Wonderful evocative exhibition, very touching and full of stories, so many of us can relate to. BRAVO, John Lewis for doing something extra-ordinary & having vision to work with artists’ (Lisa Nolan, 10/10/06, London, N4 4RB)

‘Wonderful idea! An excellent exhibition which has helped me trace my fathers’ route from Poland to England after the war! (Mary Phillips, 18/10/06,  Chalfont of Giles)

‘Thought provoking and very emotional. An excellent idea.’ (J.Haggar, 23/10/08)

‘Loved it! What fantastic idea. John Lewis come AvantGardeArtGallery. So interesting to see fresh talent in a really unique environment’ (Lizzie Mead, 25/10/06, Holdsworth, HP4 3NA)

‘GREAT FABULOUS! Going to have some incredible beds!’ (Liz Curtis, 29/10/06,  Harpendon, AL5 3HI)

‘It is a great idea having all pillowcases together in their usual/unusual space …’ (Nela, 5/10, London)

‘Wonderful stories, embedded in dreams. Just right’ (Kathy Leander, 5/10,

London , NW10 3DP )

‘Wonderful to see. The trans-art shopping experience in action – a wonderful context for collaboration between art & business’ (Elaine Arkell, 5/10)

‘The art and business mixture was fantastic. I was impressed by the designs’ (Narimen, Mawatr, 5/10)

‘The diversity of the whole event was educational and brings everyone together.’ (Linda Amparbeng, 5/10)

‘Seeing other people’s artwork has inspired me to want to learn more about other cultures’ (Lisa Amparbeng, 5/10)

‘What a wonderful idea. I liked the pillow where people had written about themselves. Please publish as cards! (MadelineLake, Watford, 17/10)

‘Very Vibrant. Quite amazing detailed work. Very good concept.’ (Sonia Sahon, 5/10/06)

‘It was really excellent to see at last textiles and artwork being exhibited in a commercial environment.  A real mix of design talent and backgrounds. Good for John Lewis and great for textile artists – both locally and internationally. (Emily Finn, 5/10, BA Hons Surface Design)

‘Delightfully innovating exhibition particularly interesting to read the story behind each artwork.’ (Marion Gill, 14/10, Richfield, Bushey)

‘An emotional and enriching experience to know what people experienced in order to arrive here in the UK , and really like the artwork’ (Melaine Jardine, 14/10, Oxhey, Watford, Herts)

‘Good idea, Refreshingly different we enjoyed all the work – nice to see Art – coming to Watford.  What next?’ (Helen & Ian Aydan, 21/10, Bushey)

”The exhibition is very good, and it leaves us with a good idea of peoples thoughts when leaving their own Country’s to live in the UK.’ (Eric & Mary Williams,24/10, Pinner)

‘Well done, John Lewis. Brilliant idea. Fantastic display of wonderful artwork. Bed-tastic!!!’ (Liz Ehrmann, 26/10)

‘Customer finds the bed, the customer likes the bed’ (Robert Pepper, 21/10, Pinner)

‘Incredible exhibition – an amazing place to display art, and range and themes of artistic expression’ (Sarah Priestley, 2/10, WatfordMuseum)

‘A most imaginative mixed media exhibition of memories creatively executed & adding life and a story to the department’ (Brooke Snell, 5/10, Furniture Dept)

‘More department stores should support this kind of creative energy. John Lewis is leading the way – Thank you (Lennie, 2/10/06, East Barnet)

‘An unusual and beautiful display of artwork. It’s great to see this creativity and expression on display for all to see. Thanks’ (Catherine Kidd, 2/10/06, Harrow Wead)

‘Fantastic and innovative. Well done to all involved and to John Lewis for giving textile artists an outlet’ (A. M. Raithatha, 2/10/06, Pinner)

‘Wonderful pillowcases. Well done to all artists & John Lewis. Can we have more of this please !!’ (Mewjolen, 2/10/06)

‘A good idea to display this exhibition in a store instead of a gallery. Really enjoyed it! (Patrick, 5/10/06)

‘What an amazing, inspiring and creative idea – and what a great way of making art accessible! (Stephen Dahl, 5/10/06, Hendon)

‘I enjoyed seeing our local department store, one of a chain, became truly local on this occasion, by working with the museum among others to make the store feel more relevant to Watford’ (Helen Boott, Watford, 5/10/06)

‘Brilliant idea! Stunned at John Lewis’s support’ (R. Ketterton, 5/10/06, Watford)

‘Lovely, asked how to buy!!’ (S. Arkill, 17/10/06, Rickmansworth)

‘Truly inspiring, cutting edge art in an unusual, but welcome gallery. Well done John Lewis!’ (M. Smith, 17/10, St Albans)

‘A very original idea – I’m glad I came! Well done JL!’ (Jaffer Bhiniji, 5/10/06)

‘A really original idea, which works well. Pleased JL plc can support this type of creative activity’ (Philip Frame, 5/10/06, Hendon)

‘Something different to make you laugh & smile! Great idea! (Ghislaine, 17/10, Watford)

‘Beautifully portrayed – everyone found a niche and a place to “execute” their dreams in this country. Very inspiring’ (Zofia Jagiela, 17/10/06, Greater London)

‘WIKID MAN’ (I mean very good pillowcases) !! (Saskia, 25/10)

‘Thank you for sharing your feelings & emotions – moving’ (H. Stewart, 23/10, Watford)

‘Very good display, hope everybody else enjoyed it as much as me’ (Reece Stocker, 2/10)

‘Very original and unique. Sentimental and touching. Great display of artistic talent.’ (Adnan Khalid, Watford, 28/10)

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