Wonderful Watford

By Lin Fellows

Weaned In Watford!


We the residents of wonderful Watford,

Would rather be here than abroad.

As in this town we are never bored,

We are tied to it with an umbilical cord!


By Lin Fellows

Wonderful Watford.

Watford is the home we want,

Baptised in its rain filled font.

We weave our way through its streets and wander,

Seeing the conflicting old and new we ponder.


Cement and wattle adjacent are,

The modern developments our memories scar.

The Pump House, Benskins and The Palace Theatre are the landmarks we love,

Our heritage is like a warming glove.


For every race and creed there is a welcome,

The Women’s Centre helping troubles overcome.

A community where individuals have a heart,

And churches and charities that play their part.


Compassionate in our care of those,

Who with ill health have been diagnosed.

The Y.M.C.A homing those who succumb,

To pressures of life that make us numb.


In cosmopolitan opportunities we can wallow,

And the taste of World dishes we can swallow.

A night life that can be wicked,

People on the streets uninhibited.


To most glory is in our football team,

Who supply us with our waking dream.

Vicarage Road a Saturday drivers nightmare,

Fans stumbling in the street without a care.


But Elton is our florally crowned Queen,

Of all about us in this wonderful scene.

Our hero who shows us how to spend,

In Watford High Street with no end! 


By Lin Fellows

© Copyright Lin Fellows August 2007

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  • You are right in your comments, if you are a visitor to the Town, and require to travel on Public Transport, where would you go to catch a bus ? There are bus stops at the back of the market, bus stops in Clarendon Road, Bus stops in the upper section of the High Street, Bus stops in the lower High Street adjacent to Specsavers, and Bus stops in Market Street. You can spend at least half an hour trying to find the correct bus stop for your destination. The council had the opportunity to provide several sites for a bus station, but preferred to give planning permission to property developers.

    By Arthur Hall (06/11/2013)
  • Like the previous comments, Watford these days is something of a shock to someone who lived from birth to twenties in and around Watford. There has to be progress of course, but – for example – the Cassiobury Gates should have been preserved, not destroyed. I tried driving round Watford fairly recently and got completely lost in – or trying to find – areas that were completely familiar, such as the Town Hall, Rickmansworth Road, High Street, Vicarage Road, etc etc. Surely the traffic system needs to be improved? I could write a whole feature about Watford as it used to be, but maybe another time!

    By Celia Savage (28/08/2009)
  • I am Very Sorry to say I cannot agree with the last statement I was born in Watford at home in Liverpool Road when I was growing up in the 50s and 60s Watford was a great place to live I loved it there. but I think the Council has destroyed Most of it, they pulled down buildings that would have been precious and should never have been touched Like Cawdells which was built in the 1930s and was an Art Deco type building it had the old Market behind it which also went along with the Gates to Cassiobury they had survived for a few hundred years as they were the main gates to the big house that used to be there before it became a park, so it is not the place it used to be

    By joe rush (25/08/2008)

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