Northfield School April 1991

These photos were taken when I visited Miss Harris for the last time in April 1991.
I attended Northfield from about 1959 – 1969. I am so thankful I took them and hopefully others will be too. My surname was Corfield.

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  • Great photos! I was there until 1968 I think. Miss Harris headmistress and form teacher Mrs Timms. Wish we could turn back the clock. I feel so nostalgic sometimes

    By Jan Fairclough (28/11/2018)
  • What great photos. I occasionally wonder where people are from my year. I left in 1971 having gone to Northfield in 1964 when Gartlett Scool closed.

    By Annie Harris nee Waldsax (04/07/2018)
  • Hi Diane – I posted the pix of our school, as described at the top of the first batch. They were so emotive and I couldn’t just leave them in a drawer.

    Yes we were in the same class and I remember birthday parties at your home.

    I remember Bryony too and so many others! I have a form photo – I think our teacher was Mrs Taylor and I can name most of the pupils.

    Anyway this is a start. Carol Free (Corfield)

    By Carol free (07/06/2017)
  • I would love to get in contact with more old Northfield girls. Those of us who left between 1971-73 are having a small get together May 20th at the Old Mill in Berko at 11:00. Anyone welcome.
    You can find me on Facebook or on the Northfield School for Girls Facebook page.
    Bryony Spencer, you were in the year below me!
    I’m trying to post some old school photos but not having any luck 🙁

    By Dianne Blacker Adams (16/05/2017)
  • I’d love to know who these photos came from. I was at Northfield from Kindergarten through the 6th form. Carol Corfield was in my class.

    By Dianne Blacker (15/05/2017)

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