Watford Memories

I too, remember going on the ‘Christmas sleigh ride,’ in Cawdells, I think I had a photo taken, with a parrot perched on my shoulder, which scared me as I was only about 8! I used to love the arcade next to Cawdells, with the old shops, ice cream booth/stall, & the Market being there, this was about 1969-1974 time. I also remember going in the old Co-op in Gade House, & there was a grocers/supermarket section in the basement, which I always found odd. Sometimes, I would go to the Odeon cinema, & I occasionally went to the Carlton, & Empire cinemas, but the others must of gone before I was old enough to go to them. I also – like lots of people – loved wandering around Woolworths, it was a shame it shut with seemingly no warning in the 80s.
Jayne Morris (nee Smith).

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  • My dad David Charge was the Store Manager at Gade House in Watford

    By Peter Charge (30/06/2018)
  • I worked in Gade house and the grocery section had their warehouse under the shop My Husband managed the grocery department

    By Pearl Gardner (05/08/2017)
  • I used to work in the Co-op in Gade house, and it didn’t have a basement! The groceries were on the Ground floor, on the right as you looked at the building. I was in the carpet dept on the top floor, with furniture and the Co-op bank.

    By john hodgkins (16/12/2016)

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