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Dave Taylor-Jones

Here is a memory of my music lessons in the mid fifties – learning the piano with Mr. Graves of Carey Place.


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  • My first piano lessons were with Miss Irene Bedford LRAM. This was around 1965. I was six. Miss Bedford lived in the second house in the little row of five at the bottom of Water lane. I remember one time, she produced a ruler. I snapped my hands back from the keyboard. “What’s wrong?” she asked. To me, a ruler meant one thing – a whack across the fingers! It took me a while to learn how lovely and kind Miss Bedford was. At age 12 I got a Cuunty Exhibition scholarship to the Watford School of Music. This was 1972 and I fell in love with the splendid buildings in Nascot Wood Road. I studied there for the next five years. I liked it so much that I used to play truant from ‘normal’ school (Victoria Boys) and spend my time there practising or hanging out in the library. I’d walk from West Watford carrying guitar and French horn, picking up ten fags on the way.
    Some of my best memories are of those times.

    By Chris Panks (02/11/2015)

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