Bluebell Woods at Carpenders Park, about 1957

Dave Taylor-Jones

Here’s another essay from my collection “Life in the Suburbs” which is about growing up in Carpenders Park and Watford during 1950-60.
It must be that time of year right now – how I wish I was there to see the bluebells.

best, Dave Taylor-Jones

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  • I had forgotten the Bluebell Woods. I believe they were across from the railway from where I lived on St. Georges Drive for two years at the time of the Blitz. My sister and I (five and seven years old respectively) would walk to the station bridge then to the Woods and wander for hours.
    Then there was a rumour that a German fighter plane had gone down in the Woods, so we were ordered not to wander. Bluebells always bring vivid memories for me.

    By Rodney Maennling (22/01/2017)

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