Timothy Whites

I know there was a Timothy Whites centrally in Watford High Street but did it used to be in lower High Street where Ketts was, and before that a Boots store? This would have been in the late 50s to early mid 60s I think.

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  • I think your guess is right. Back in the mid 1950s the Boots chemist store was on the corner of Queens Road at the junction with the High Street. They had a wooden-treads escalator that was narrow and only went up so when leaving the top floor you had to come down stairs. My brother and I as well as occasional friends would lark about and try running down the up escalator during a quiet moment. This made quite a noise and we managed to reach the bottom running very fast against the rising stairway. Eventually the manager caught us and turfed us out of the shop! We had to stop doing it and soon after we were happy to play on the new aluminium escalators at London Airport Central Building before it became Heathrow. I think Timothy Whites took over the Queens Road corner site and Boots then moved to a bigger place newly built on an old Hotel site on the corner of Market Street opposite Findlaters. I can’t remember when Timothy Whites folded and closed for good. Probably find it on Wiki !

    By Jeremy Prior (07/04/2017)

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